Cash for credit card in Chennai

cash for credit card

3 Simple Steps to get Cash for Credit Card

Step 1 : Walk to our office


If you’re in need of cash, just call us at 72999 27000 or reach our office with any of your ID proofs along with your credit card.

cash for credit card

Step 2 : Swipe your credit card for cash


Just swipe your credit card in our bank authorized swipe machine and enter the amount you wanna credit.

Step 3 : Get instant and secure payment

Once the process is done, we’ll either pay you the cash on hand or transfer it to your account immediately with a minimal interest rate.

cash for credit card

Why choose us for cash on credit card ?​


We are one of the leading cash for credit card providers in Chennai, offering a high standard of service in the field of cash management. With more than 8 years of experience in this field, we stand by our customers during their tough times by providing the best services for spot cash on credit cards. Our process is trustworthy and transparent end-to-end and we work all days in a year. So, you can get in touch with us anytime and manage your financial life easily using your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What does interest on cash for credit card mean?

While swiping your credit card, a certain amount will be charged as interest based on your swipe amount. 

How much interest rate do we charge for a swipe on credit card for cash?

At cash against credit card Chennai, we offer a very low interest rate starting from 2.5 %

Can I withdraw cash from the ATM using a credit card?

If you withdraw cash from an ATM using your credit card, you need to pay a high-interest rate. 

Is it possible to swipe my credit card for cash without an interest rate?

You can’t get instant cash without an interest rate anywhere in India. 

Which credit card is best for cash withdrawal?

Though Indian people use many types of credit cards, we highly recommend using visa, Master, and Maestro cards as they have a very less interest rate percentage. 

What types of Credit card do we accept for cash for credit card?

We accept all types of credit cards such as Visa Credit Card, Master Credit Card, Diners Club, Rupay Card, American Express and Maestro Card.

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